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Training as a pilot in Australia with WardAir of Bathurst, 200km west of Sydney, you are guaranteed an enjoyable, hassle free flying experience in Australia where conditions are excellent for aviation training. Join the many WardAir students who have completed their Private or Commercial Pilot Licence, and gone on to advanced flight ratings & endorsements.

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WardAir offers quality flight and theory training at all levels for both private & commercial pilots. Read about Commercial Pilot Training or the Private Pilot Course.

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Well Deserved

Congratulations to Shane on his well deserved RPL after a long and challenging journey. Congratulations to instructor Luke for all his work. Smiles all around this...

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Upcoming adventures

The Next Adventure

Don’t miss our next trip exploring the islands of Bass Strait and the Spencer Gulf (Oct 20-29). We have two seats still available to share the flying in a C-172 or C-182. Call Catherine or Shelley NOW to book your place.

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Charles Durham

I first came to WardAir with a view to gain my private pilot’s licence. Without knowing what to expect or what would be required of me I found myself in the midst of what I would come love as a fantastic flying school. WardAir has a great atmosphere, with a professional crew and a fleet […]

Charles Durham

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