City of Bathurst, Weather and Location

The City of Bathurst

Bathurst is a large regional centre close to Sydney and easily accessible by air, rail or road. The town itself is large enough to provide cultural activities, good food and wine, boutique and budget accommodation and services to the population of 42,000 residents and its
visitors. It has a University (Charles Sturt University) and four private schools all catering for students from throughout NSW as well as many overseas students. Bathurst is a small, safe, friendly community that enjoys being host to visitors from near and afar. For more information on Bathurst and what it can offer visit

Bathurst Weather

Bathurst has very few days when weather is not suitable to fly. Customers have the ability to fly either east or west depending on the weather conditions, unlike coastal cities where weather can inhibit flying for days at a time. Temperatures average 25º C in summer and 15ºC in winter.

Bathurst Accommodation

Accommodation is readily available in Bathurst from boutique to budget and even home stays with pilots. Ask us and we can help you or visit