Private Flight Training Course

Learning to fly is a very satisfying achievement.

WardAir’s training emphasises safety, practical understanding and setting of achievable goals. This will result in a complete licence that will equip you for flight anywhere in Australia.

There are two stages to training for the Private Pilots Licence:

General Flying Proficiency Training

The first section, called a GFPT involves approximately 35 hours flying time. This section concentrates on learning how to control the aircraft, land and take off, as well as covering important safety aspects of flying an aircraft. At the completion of this training you will complete a General Flying Progress Test.

After completing your GFPT you will be permitted to take passengers within a 10 nautical mile radius of the aerodrome and to our training area.

Cross-Country Navigation

The second stage of your Private Pilots Licence training involves cross-country navigation to various aerodromes. This licence allows you to fly wherever you choose. It takes a further 35 hours and is made up of various navigation exercises around the country.

Training Aircraft

WardAir customers have a choice of conducting their training in a two seater Cessna 152 or a four seater Cessna 172. Most customers take approximately 12 to 18 months to complete both stages of training.

Flight Training Theory

There is some study and exams that must be completed at various stages in your training. WardAir offers theory courses throughout the year or if you prefer WardAIr can provide all the textbooks required for self-study. We can also organise personal tuition.

Medical Examination

To hold a student pilots licence you will have to pass a straightforward Medical. A list of authorised Medical Examiners can be found on the website.